F. I. T. E.

Tim Carthon's Startup Business Infrastructure Kit

The (I)nfrastructure Kit to Develop Your F.I.T.E. Plan™ and Get Your Business Off the Ground!

 What is the Startup Business Infrastructure Kit?

The Startup Business Infrastructure Kit is the dessert of Tim Carthon's 4-Course Entrepreneurial Meal.  This exclusive kit provides ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS WITH TIM CARTHON that are tailor-made TO YOU!  This provides the most robust and potent nourishment for your business at the most important stage of its growth; building the infrastructure of aspiring and budding entrepreneurs' dreams piece-by-piece!

With his SBI Kit, you will:


•  Learn how to set up your initial digital infrastructure and/or reevaluate and upgrade your current one.

•  Learn the importance of your website setup.

•  Learn the importance of logo development.

•  Learn about vanity email addresses.

•  Learn about social media page setup or upgraded.

•  Learn important business traps to avoid along the way to success.



However, none of the above can be done without total trust in the infrastructure building process.  If you have trust issues, then it will be virtually impossible to do the job, but if you trust the process and the one leading you through it, your success will be inevitable and come sooner than expected!

One-on-One Pre-Paid Consulting Fees*:

15 minutes: $30.00
30 minutes: $60.00
45 minutes: $90.00
60 minutes: $90.00 (a 25% discount!)

*Prepayments are currently only accepted through PayPal.com or CashApp.

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