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Tim Carthon's SBI Workshop™

High-level Entrepreneurial (T)raining for Aspiring and Budding Entrepreneurs

0007 - Reggie Williams

What is the SBI Workshop™?

The SBI Workshop™ is the entree of Tim Carthon's 4-Course Entrepreneurial Meal.  It is a 4-hour intense workshop that takes aspiring business owners and uniquely guides them from the concept to develop stage of their startup business.

In Tim Carthon's SBI Workshop™:


•  He'll help remove the normal fear, doubt, and anxiety over starting a business.

•  He’ll show you how to create your business in less than 48 hours.

•  He’ll show you how to start your business for under $300.

•  And yes, he’ll actually help you start developing your business RIGHT THERE WITHIN THE WORKSHOP!

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