Tim Carthon’s Speaking Topics

Tim specializes in helping individuals to overcome fear and doubt. This is especially important when it comes to starting a business because fear and doubt are the two biggest obstacles to business success. However, business is not the only place where fear and doubt need to be overcome.   Below you will find several keynotes Tim does for corporate events, colleges and universities, and even some high schools. Pick the one that best suits your needs and book Tim to educate and wow your crowd!

1.) “SCREW YOU!” Battling/Conquering Fear and Doubt

“‘SCREW YOU!’: Battling/Conquering Fear and Doubt”* is a masterful presentation based on what it takes for fearful people who doubt themselves to do the improbable. Tim’s performance takes attendees through a riveting view of the average person’s daily life and pulls back the curtain on the ‘Matrix of Life’ to reveal something jaw-dropping.

“‘SCREW YOU!’: Battling/Conquering Fear and Doubt” is nothing like you’ve ever seen before in a motivational speech. It's visual and mesmerizing, educational and thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring. When attendees depart, everything they see will remind them of “…that one Fiery Truth-Teller™ guy who did that motivational speech about conquering fear and doubt,” and they’ll have you to thank for it.



*Available for Corporate Events (Conquering), Colleges/Universities (Conquering), and High Schools (Battling).

2.) The E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven Steps to Student Success

What is the biggest enemy of academic success in schools today? Something that, due to the rise in technology, blinds students to the purpose of most of their classes and severely lowers their attention span. And what is the result of that blindness? Students simply zone out. This tends to result in lower grades, lower test scores, and being less prepared for higher education (and that’s if they even want to try their hand at that). As adults, we know that our youth will understand the importance of these classes and their education later, but, by then, will it be too late?

“The E.I.F.R. Perspective™: Seven Steps to Student Success”* is a perspective-altering, eye-opening, whirlwind presentation that takes seven detailed steps into the psyche of every student and unlocks the most suppressed, yet most important aspect of their education, which is...



*Available for High Schools.

3.) At-Risk Students: Finding and Unlocking Their Vault

“At-Risk Students: Finding and Unlocking Their Vault”* is a masterful presentation that uses humor and familiarity to help educators learn how to connect with and help at-risk students lay down their emotional arms and release the drawbridge to their academic potential. Tim Carthon is nothing short of brilliant in his ability to show educators that he not only understands the difficulty and pain of the lives of today’s youths, but that, through his methods, these caring educators can show them a way to excel in and soar out of it!

“At-Risk Students: Finding and Unlocking Their Vault” connects educators with students in that ‘hurt and anguish place‘ hidden inside of them. Educators will return to their regular teaching day with a new found sense of hope and optimism, along with a solid, proven plan of action for slowly unlocking the emotional vault that has, for so long, sealed their at-risk students’ enormous potential away inside of them, and all of them will have you to thank for it.



*Available for High School TEACHERS.

4.) “Greek Life RULES!” The Good. The Bad. The Greeks.

“‘Greek Life RULES!’ The Good. The Bad. The ‘Greeks’.”* is a brilliant double entendre presentation. It first draws on the memories of Greek-letter organization members and the fun of ‘living that Greek life’, but then resets the switch in their brains so to remind them why Greek Life exists. It then reveals to organizations the ‘Rules of Repair’; how to repair years of brand damage due to overindulgence in alcohol, brutal hazing, and...well, let’s just be honest...being overall jerks.

Due to the above, it has been a terrible decade for Greek Life; so much so to where even some Congresspersons have actually hinted at possibly disbanding Greek Life all together! “‘Greek Life RULES!’ The Good. The Bad. The ‘Greeks’.” looks to rectify that. It’s an in-your-face wake-up call for not just the members, but also the prestigious organizations that are now on the brink of extinction in order to do what? Shake them to their very core and lead them away from the universal negative catalyst that threatens to derail almost two-and-a-half centuries of excellence: Lack of FOCUS on the primary purposes of Greek Life.



*Available for Colleges/Universities.

* Speaking engagements are 45-60 minutes, with an optional up-to 30 minutes of Q&A.

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