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Enter Tim Carthon’s SBI Workshop™ $100 Giveaway Contest

Contest #5 Has Ended!

CONTEST #5 Winner to Be Announced Soon, so STAY TUNED!

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PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for contest entry, your Fiverr.com account must be a NEW, LEGITIMATE account, not a fake one you won’t be using -or- one you already had BEFORE finding out about this contest.  Individuals entering old -or- fraudulent accounts will be banned from this and all future contests of Tim Carthon and his sponsors.


* You will receive periodic “early bird” email alerts directly from Tim Carthon!


Every workshop, I give one (1) lucky winner $100, courtesy of my sponsor Fiverr.com, just for entering my SBI Workshop™ Giveaway Contest.  And the best thing about it is, it costs every entrant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” ~ Tim Carthon

*Contest Prizes and Accounts Perks Courtesy of Fiverr®*

And that’s not all:

Each contestant who becomes a Fiverr.com new signup and submits their signup information will receive an account credit for signing up for Tim Carthon’s sponsor’s site!

Fiverr® prize and perks monies given away so far:




It’s very easy to enter Tim Carthon’s SBI Workshop™ Giveaway Contest, even if you’ve already signed up FREE for Fiverr’s website.Fiverr 002 (Amazon) - Copy

Here’s how you enter each contest.  Just do one (1) of the following:

1.) JOIN FIVERR.COM, then enter your full name, username, and email address above, and you’re AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED.

2.) If you’ve already joined Fiverr®, turned your information in, but haven’t confirmed your email address for Fiverr.com, then confirm your email address so you’ll be eligible to win.

3.) If you’ve already joined Fiverr® and have been in one (1) contest already -or- you joined Fiverr® before signing up for the contest or email list, just bring one (1) new person who signs up for Fiverr® through you after today, AND YOU’LL BOTH BE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED!

4.) BONUS: Now, for every person you refer who signs up, you get an extra entry!  Refer 12 people, you get 12 extra entries into the contest!  In other words, the more people you refer, the better your chances of winning!

Awesome, right?

So take a second and go to www.Fiverr.com, follow the instructions above to enter, then go over to YouTube® and SUBSCRIBE TO TIM CARTHON’S YOUTUBE® CHANNEL so you will get the notifications of the contest winners when the winning number videos are uploaded.

So ask yourself:

What would you do with an extra $100?

* You will receive periodic “early bird” email alerts directly from Tim Carthon!

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