Your (I)nfrastructure

F. I. T. E.

Startup Business Infrastructure Consulting

Hands-On, Daily (I)nfrastructure Consulting to Development Your F.I.T.E. Plan™ and Get Your Business Off the Ground!


 What is Startup Business Infrastructure Consulting?

Startup Business Infrastructure Consulting is the main course of Tim Carthon's 4-Course Entrepreneurial Meal.  This exclusive consulting service provides the most robust and potent nourishment for your business at the most important stage of its growth; building the infrastructure of aspiring and budding entrepreneurs' dreams piece-by-piece and in real time WITH TIM CARTHON HIMSELF! With Initial SBI Consulting, you will receive all of the following:


•  Tim Carthon and his team will set up your initial digital infrastructure and/or reevaluate and upgrade your current one.

•  You will have both your website and logo developed (Website will be 7 pages initially.  $15.00 each additional page).

• You will receive a vanity email address, with signature setup (i.e., email@yourbusinessname.com).

• You will have your primary social media pages made or upgraded.

• You will receive 30 days of free business consulting (you can literally contact him at any time of the day).

• For an separate monthly fee, Mr. Carthon will manage your social media platforms!* (*Up-to three social media accounts)


However, none of the above can be done without total trust in me as your consultant and the infrastructure building process.  If you have trust issues, then it will be virtually impossible to do the job, but if you trust the process and the one leading you through it, your success will be inevitable and come sooner than expected!



Initial SBI Consulting Fee: $2,000.00

15-Minute SBI Consulting Fee: $30.00

Hourly Consulting Fee: $90.00 (great savings!)

Monthly SBI Consulting Fee: $600.00 (MONSTROUS SAVINGS!!)

Monthly Social Media Management Fee: $5,000

(*All fees required to be paid in advance.)

Hire Tim Carthon for Exclusive SBI Consulting

and let him build your Entrepreneurial F.I.T.E. Plan™ today!

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