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Tim Carthon's E2 Seminar™

The Educational (E)nlightenment to Open Your Mind to the Economic Matrix

What is the E2 Seminar™?

Tim Carthon's Economic Enlightenment Seminar, better known as the E2 Seminar™, is the appetizer of Tim Carthon's 4-Course Entrepreneurial Meal.  This exclusive seminar takes you back to the origins of the financial system and guides you through each systematic bread crumb left over the decades.  He leads you to the secrets and chain-reactions of the 'Economic Matrix' we call capitalism and shows you why, in this system, only one route should inevitably be taken.

The E2 Seminar™ will teach you:


• The economic bread crumbs that started it all.

• How we shifted to this point economically in the world.

• How to take advantage of the current economic climate through entrepreneurship.


When you leave this powerful seminar, you will begin reevaluating your entire life, and that will be the beginning of your road to ultimate success!

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