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Dear President Trump Protesters: “Clean Up, Go Home.”

By Tim Carthon (Blog #48: Politics)

Dear President Trump protesters:

You’re doing it all wrong.
I love and appreciate your energy, truly.  However, go home. Stop protesting Trump and start protesting your local, state, and national congressional representatives who are the ones passing laws that hurt you or blocking laws that will help you. Make their lives a living HELL! And THEN you’ll get change.
Stop being distracted. It’s like the NRA. The NRA is the buffer between you and the gun manufacturers (i.e., Smith & Wesson®, etc.). You protest the NRA instead of protesting the gun manufacturers. Why? Because THAT’S who they put in your face on purpose to distract you from the REAL enemy.
In January, I overheard Joy Reid from MSNBC® say that all these protesters were out there, but she didn’t see all those people out there to elect the first woman President, Hillary Clinton.
Jill Stein is a woman, too, but did she add her to the “first woman President” comment she made? No, she didn’t. Why not? Because Joy Reid is another talking head for the establishment, but doesn’t know it because she’s in ‘The Cocktail Circuit Bubble.’
Now, I really like actress Ashley Judd.  However, at a protest rally against Trump, she started talking about how she was a “nasty woman” as a slight to Trump’s statement during the general campaign about his Democratic Party female rival, Hillary Clinton.
She started listing off all of these different well-known, powerful-speaking women around the world, but I didn’t hear her mention the amazing Jill Stein. Isn’t that funny? She left out the female Presidential nominee of one of the top 4 political parties in America?
Why do you think that is?
Because the corporate media marginalized Jill Stein and pumped up Donald Trump on purpose, and now everyone is up in arms about Trump. Please, “clean up, go home.”  You’re fighting the wrong fight and you’re fighting it the wrong way.
So, for your Hillary Clinton supporters who are ‘shocked and chagrined’ at is insane actions, this is especially for you.  You had a chance to vote for someone who would fight for you.  You had the chance to vote for someone who would protect the century’s worth of progress this country has made.  Instead, you chose to buy the media narrative of the most flawed Democratic general election candidate in American history. You were “with her.” Wasn’t she supposed to be “with you?”
So please, go home. Stop wasting your time protesting Donald Trump and start firstly protesting yourself for helping him get elected, and then start protesting the local, state, and national congressional representatives who no longer fight on your behalf.  Until you start doing that, miss me with this misdirected outrage.



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