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The 5 Ways the Wealthy Class Manipulates and Screws You

By Tim Carthon (Blog #40: Politics, Business)

For the past almost 40 years, what we call “The System” has fought against “We The People” in order to not form a more perfect union, but to steal from us, financially enslave us, and incarcerate us.  This all has been done mostly under the radar.  How else could you minimize the chances of what would surely be a game-changing citizen revolt for such oppression?

Unfortunately for the oppressors, they oppressed for so long to where their greed blinded them to the fact that being under the radar was the only thing keeping the citizen masses from finding out the life-altering atrocities that were being done to them.

Finally, in 2010, their brazenness brought forth the infamous ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court of the United States ruling.  This ruling solidified Supreme Court Justice Powell’s thoughts about the citizenry and so-called “free markets” and essentially made corporations humans, subsequently and massively increasing the wealth, power, and control of those running the system.

‘Them the Corporations.’

That, in turn, allowed for the politicians, to whom these corporations donated, to no longer hide the fact that their donors had pulled off the greatest financial coup in history…

…and, scarily, there may be nothing you can do about it now.


‘The System’ is the political, judicial, law enforcement, and economic setup of not just this country, but the world; the combination of which determines an infinite number of chain-reactions, be they positive or negative.  One of the power players within this system is former Secretary of State of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton.

The System is run by the so-called ‘elite’ which consists of mostly white, extremely rich males, and, unfortunately, one flaw found in hundreds of millions of humans, especially the ‘elite,’ is that old, powerful saying:

“Power corrupts, and absolutely power corrupts absolutely.”

Now we’ve all seen repeatedly how so many people defend abusive authority figures, such as police officers, who are from, have been corrupted by, and who protect the corrupt ‘System.’  We also all know the usual line of defense: “Not all of them are like that.”

That argument, in itself, is a flawed one.

There is no way one can check to see if every individual within ‘The System’ is individually corrupt.  However, that’s looking at it from the wrong angle.  It’s not that those authority figures within ‘The System’ are necessarily individually corrupt or bad people.  It’s that they are the protectors of that corrupt system; a system that almost all but insulates the rich from prosecution for crimes that are 1,000xs that of the average citizen.

And, just like police officers, it’s not that Hillary Clinton is a bad person.  She’s just part of and a happily-willing participant in that same fixed system which, either immediately or eventually, points its inhabitants in the direction of corruption and outright crony capitalism.

This is almost all done to strengthen the system and protect the status quo within it, but how they do it is a pure work of selfish, but brilliant, 5-point art.

1.) Voter Suppression

In 2008, U.S. Senator and universally-recognized war hero John McCain (R-AZ) lost to now President Barack Obama by over 9M votes.

To try and combat not being able to win on the actual policy merits, Republican political class insiders, before and during the 2012 election, implemented voter suppression laws throughout the states in order to make voting so difficult for the average citizen to where it would severely cripple the system and thereby lower voter turn out., thereby giving their eventual nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), a better chance to win.

They believe their plan worked, and, based on the numbers, it did.  Since lower voter turnout favors the Republican Party, this resulted in Gov. Mitt Romney losing by only 5M votes.  In essence, their voter suppression laws seemingly cut the sitting President’s voter lead by an astonishing 40+%.

But Republicans just love the Constitution though, right?

Now we have the same thing happening on the Democratic side.  Why?  Because it’s not about Democrats or Republicans.  It’s about the establishment -vs.- We The People.  See for yourself:

How States Screw You Out of Voting

2.) Propaganda

Have you ever heard of Fox “News®”?  If you have cable television, then of course you have.  Fox “News” is currently the most watched cable “news” show on television.  However, did you notice something in the past few sentences?  Notice how I’m placing quotes around the word “news” whenever I use it to refer to Fox.  Why is that?  It’s because that’s what they call themselves, but not primarily what they do.

Back in 1983 when 50 companies owned 90% of the media, there was no national place for racists and bigots to go to spew their hate-filled, willfully-ignorant message to the masses on a consistent basis.  Television and newspapers were the primary media mediums for news and entertainment and being a racist and/or a bigot would get you shunned by the media and the public at large, at least publicly.

Fast-forward to today.

You have a literal propaganda machine that supports right-wing agendas leading the cable news realm.

Fox “News” has become a home for sexists, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, just pretty much almost anything and anyone that/who ends in ‘ists’ and “phobes.”  They’ve had individuals featured prominently and repeatedly on their shows who’ve either both eluded to and/or said:

• African-Americans railing against racism are racists.
• Hillary Clinton needs to “suck on this” (use your imagination).
• That African-Americans are “thugs” and “dope-smoking, racists gangsta(s)”.
• That “real racism” was eliminated in the U.S. in the 1960s.

• Women need to be in the kitchen.
• That slain teen Trayvon Martin’s parents raised a “gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.”

One of the funniest and saddest things about Fox is that the general public knows this about them.  Even the longest running U.S. cartoon ever made uncovered it in its in-depth, C.I.A. spy-level research and doctoral candidate-level applied mathematical analysis:

…Not racist, but #1 with racists.” ~ The Simpsons.

Here’s a screenshot from the opening of one of The Simpsons television shows, which ironically airs on another Fox affiliate station:

The 5 Ways the Wealthy Class Manipulates and Screws You

The masses also know that they are a huge part of the political and financial establishment.  They see on a daily basis how Fox “News” skews facts and shifts opinions based on political winds, and are pretty much the propaganda arm for both one of the two biggest political parties in America and the ‘conservative’ message worldwide.

Unfortunately, because of the over-saturation of television stations and media in general, they’re able to garner a small, yet big-enough, fear-based portion of the world television viewing market to be consistently at the top of the ratings chart for ‘cable news shows.’

Sadly, they use the power they get from their viewing audience to do massive emotional and financial damage to that same viewing audience and the country at large through propaganda that pits either the little person against the little person -or- the little person against the government.

And why do they do that?  It’s simple.

Widespread propaganda is the key to control and control is the key to targeted political and financial profits for the controllers.

Take Sec. Clinton’s primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).  The System and its robots (the establishment) tell you that the changes Bernie Sanders wants to The System are not doable.  You know why they say that?  Because rapists don’t want rape laws.  That’s what The System is.

‘Financial rapists.’

And when you spew their talking points against Bernie Sanders, you allow them to keep financially violating you.

  • When you say he can’t get universal health care for you, you’re setting them up to violate you again.
  • When you say he can’t get free public college for you, you’re setting them up to violate you again.
  • When you say he can’t get paid medical leave for you due to your newborn child, you’re setting them up to easily violate you again.
  • When you say he can’t get criminal justice reform, you’re setting them up to beat or kill you, THEN violate you again.

In other words, no matter your race or nationality, the corporate establishment, from which Hillary Clinton and Fox “News” gets the bulk of their money, expects you to be a good ‘house negro’ and accept their control over you so you can do one simple, very powerful thing:

Protect them so they can continue to violate you.

Oh, you didn’t know that?  Well let the rest of this article continue to enlighten you.

3.) Candidate Stockholm Syndrome

If you’re not familiar with Stockholm Syndrome, it is “a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”  This is what politicians understand and on what they bank when it comes to voters.

In this age of supercharged information transfer and overstimulated, yet under-educated brain synapses, politicians understand that the electorate’s attention span is so small that they won’t readily remember what a politician did last month, let alone 5 years ago.  So they will politically follow someone now who has been politically and economically oppressing them for years.

This is where this season’s highest political contest comes into play.

Hillary Clinton is counting on your #ClintonStockholmSyndrome to make you ignore the fact that she…

  1. …pushed for the crime bill that her husband signed that put more people of color in jail than any U.S. President in history.
  2. …doesn’t have a driving purpose behind her running for president (can you name her reason for running?).
  3. …hopes that the majority of the country votes blindly for her, especially minorities, against their own actual interests.
  4. historically changes her positions based on the political winds.

What?  Do you find those, especially the last one, hard to believe?  Well watch for yourself:

Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes

In other words (Hillary Clinton voice), ‘Ignore the fact that 1.) I’m mainly running for President for me, not you, 2.) that I historically change with the political winds, 3.) and just give me your friggin’ vote and go back home.’  

4.) Political Stockholm Syndrome

Hillary Clinton’s political class and superdelegate “friends” are counting on your Political Stockholm Syndrome to make you ignore the fact that a study by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin I. Page looked at more than 20 years worth of data to see if the government represent the people.

Their study concluded something most working-class people don’t say, but probably all feel:

The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.

TRANSLATION: Corporate donations drive public policy, not public opinion.

They don’t care about the will of the people.  It’s about the will of the corporate donor class.  Don’t believe me again?  Well watch again for yourself:

Public Policy Trumps Public Opinion

In other words (sleazy politician voice), ‘Ignore the fact that you, 91% of the American people across the political spectrum, can want background checks for gun purchases.  I and my colleagues who you put here now work for our corporate donors, not you, so you won’t get that law passed because our donors don’t want it.  You just keep giving us your friggin’ votes, and then go back home.’

5.) Corporate Stockholm Syndrome

Former Labor Secretary of President Bill Clinton, Sec. Robert Reich, made a movie entitled, “Inequality for All.”  In it, one working-class gentleman was debating with Secretary Reich about being paid more money.  He stated that he was worried about being paid more money because the company might close down and move to save money, so he figured that the company should just pay him what they think he is worth.

Yes, he literally said that.

This gentleman has fallen into the exact mindset into which corporations, as a sociopathic entity, want all workers to fall.  They want you to give them control, period.  This way they can keep robbing you, all under the auspice of helping you.  However, the ‘dwindling digits’ in the working-class bank accounts tell the true story.  See for yourself:

The 5 Ways the Wealthy Class Manipulates and Screws You

The ridiculously-rich corporate donor class is counting on your Corporate Stockholm Syndrome.  They’re not helping you.  They’re helping themselves to what’s yours and hoping that the propaganda they use makes you thank them for the crumbs that are left for you.  And how were/are they able to do this?  Ironically it’s 5 simple words:

Justice Powell and Citizens United.

In other words (greedy corporate CEO voice), ‘Ignore the fact that I bought and now own the politicians you voted for, which got me the policies I wanted and allowed me to now make more than 300xs the money that you do.  Just give me your friggin’ sweat, go home, and then come back and do it over again tomorrow, all for barely enough money to feed you, let alone your family.  Oh, and before  you leave, say ‘thank you.”

Still not convinced?  Then let me put it another way:

“The Tragic Fictional Story of One Voter’s Stockholm Syndrome”

The Wealthy Class has been holding and financially raping a worker for years.  One day when they let their guard down because they’re used to having the worker’s money anytime they want, the worker gets free and calls the EFP…the Economic Fairness Police.

The worker frantically lets them know that they are being held and have been being financially ravaged for years.  Horrified, the EFP tells the worker to hang in there and that they’re on their way.

Right before you hang up the phone, the Wealthy Class walks into the room and sees the phone in your hand.  They take the phone from the worker and look at the call to find out with whom the worker was speaking.  The worker tells them it’s too late because the EFP are on their way.

Quick thinking and inherent sociopathic tendencies almost instantly breed a brilliant idea inside the Wealthy Class’ mind.

They start asking the worker how much they know about the EFP.  With the worker only knowing what they’ve heard and not what they’ve studied, the Wealthy Class starts to slowly talk the worker into believing that the EFP is not actually coming to save them, but to instead financially violate them!

They tell the worker that the EFP is going to be acting like they’ve come to help, but it’s a trojan horse so the worker should not fall for their ‘fake, so-called rescue.’  The Wealthy Class keeps repeats that to the worker consistently, giving the worker ‘examples’ that help lead the worker to the conclusion that the Wealthy Class might be right about the EFP.

Now, completely panicked, the worker asks the Wealthy Class what to do?  The Wealthy Class pauses for a second (for effect only), then tells the worker to help them set up a barrier all around to protect them so that the EFP can’t get inside and financially rape them.  Terrified, the worker does everything the Wealthy Class says.

Moments later, there’s a knock on the door.

“It was the ECP!”, the Wealthy Class screamed, as if it were an Agent from The Matrix at the door.

Absolutely terrified, the worker teams up and fights with the Wealthy Class to do everything it can to keep the ECP out.  After a while, dazed and confused, the ECP abandons this search and rescue effort to go and help another worker.  Once they realize that they’ve staved off the seeming infiltration of the ECP, the worker and Wealthy Class start celebrating; jumping up and down and hugging each other.

WE DID IT!, the elated worker says to the Wealthy Class.

The Wealthy Class smiled brightly and congratulated the worker, “Yes, we did it.  Good job.  We stopped them.”  The worker, full of joy, smiled in return, “Thank you.  I couldn’t have done it without you“.  Gradually, the Wealthy Class’ smile turned into a stone face, and 5 simple words followed:

You’re welcome.  Now bend over.




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