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Has Fox “News” Finally Succeeded In Making Truth In America Irrelevant?

By Tim Carthon (Blog #38: Politics, Race Relations)

There was a meme posted on a page on Facebook® entitled, “Stop Hillary in 2016”, Hillary being Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State for the United States of America and current 2016 Presidential candidate.  Now, although I agree with the title of the page, I don’t agree with the seeming ideology of the owner of the page.

The page seems to be more about right-wing hate and propaganda than about Hillary Clinton, and they posted something today that just irritated me to the point of writing this piece.

Here’s the fabricated, propagandized meme that sparked this article, with the caption, “Yep, he said it.  Join the revolution…“:

Fox News Propaganda

Where do I even begin with how many things are wrong with this meme?

  1. What revolution, the revolution of lying and misleading people?  Because that revolution was started decades ago and put on steroids by Fox “News.”
  2. Even though the quote is not an actual quote, there is some truth in that fake quote.  Brown people, like Black people, were very instrumental in building the fabric of this country.
  3. Look at the picture of the President that they used.  It’s a photo that’s seemingly purposely used to make a kind man (by all accounts based on the people who’ve actually met him) seem sinister.
  4. You’re asking people to like your Facebook® page based on the hate you’re spreading?


Do I have to even mention that there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim in America?  I guess so, seeing as though, like racist moths to a bigoted flame, here were some of the sad responses to this match-to-a-fuse meme:

  • The ONLY da@! thing they’re responsible for in our country other than violence & terror is the creation of (or being the reason for the creation of) the US Marines… Barbary pirates, Thomas Jefferson…. Look it up a@! hat muslim in chief…” ~ Dallas Rice
  • That is what you get when you elect someone who did not grow up in the US and does not appreciate our country.” ~ Sue Poole
  • First war we ever fought after becoming the United States and winning our independence was against Muslims…and 200 years later, we are still fighting them. The ONLY thing that Muslims have given the US is death and destruction.” ~ Steven Williams
  • What? When? Where? I don’t recall any Muslims being accounted for on the Mayflower? What Revolutionary Battles did they participate in? Paul Revere warned us the British were on the way; not a Muslim. Stupid Obama can’t rewrite history no matter how he tries. He is a d@%!wad.” ~ Emme McNair
  • It’s no secret that Barack Hussein Obama is partial to Muslims. He has repeatedly praised Islam while at the same time bashing Christians. He can’t help it- it’s who he is…” ~ Jim Akecheta Worley
  • He’s REALLY so full.of himself he has no clue how truly despised he is not only in the USA but worldwide. He’s a joke to every nation.” ~ Kay Martin
  • Not my nation. Obama is NOT MY PRESIDENT I did not vote for him and will not claim him as a matter of fact I am embarrassed that our country has gotten so far deep in the right that they would vote this crazy mother f$#@!r in not once but twice not mypresident I will not claim him he sucks and we all know what he said because we all know he’s gay we all know he’s gay and we all know he’s Muslim so what do the Muslims do with gay people? Can anybody answer that question what do the Muslim people do with gay people? We he’s gay so what do they do?” ~ Carolee Galladora-Hopkins
  • like hell they did! The only contact muslims had in America is that they captured African people and sold them into slavery
    there is absolutely no other history with muslims in America.” ~ Valerie O’Brien
  • He must’ve been talking to his people in Kenya. Muslims haven’t done anything to build, strengthen, promote and or unite America. All muslims want to do is destroy American culture.” ~ Jesse Larriva

*Sigh.  Yeah, that happened.

Did these people even try to look the information on this meme up to see if it was even a correct quote or see in what context it was made even if it was a correct quote, which it is not?

Of course they didn’t.

That would mean they actually care about facts more than they do their automated bigotry and inherent racism.  Just look at many of the profile photos of these people.  They’re American flags, tea party “don’t tread on me” flags, bald eagles, Confederate flags, etc.  In other words, ‘Look at how Patriotic I am!  Pay no attention to the hateful, homophobic (yes, they said President Obama is gay, like that has anything to do with any of this), and bigoted messages I’m posting.’

Here’s part of the White House video from which that meme (that has our President-of-color being falsely quoted in it) supposedly had derived.  And, as you will see on the account on which the video of this part of the speech was posted, it was intended as an attack on President Obama’s ‘American values’:

Has Fox News Finally Made the Truth in America Irrelevant 01

Did you here anything wrong that the President said?  Of course not.  However, if you look at the YouTube® account of the person who posted the video, they are a birther, a full-blown conspiracy theorist, and, oh yeah, a white male supposed “Christian.”

Yeah, because spreading hate and bearing false witness are definitely “Christian values,” right? #Sarcasm.

Funny, because I didn’t see any videos on his channel of all of the white male domestic terrorists that have killed more Americans since 9-11 than Muslims have.

Weird, huh?

Also, at the time of this article being written, literally 951 of the 953 comments made on that post were from people with ‘white’ skin viciously attacking the first ‘black’ President of the United States for something that, with even the slightest bit of research, they could have clearly seen wasn’t said.

Does that truth matter?


You think that’s coincidental?

Of course not.  Bigotry and racism blind individuals to rationale and common sense.

Oh, and of the two comments that were not from people with ‘white’ skin, guess who was the only person with ‘dark’ skin on the thread?

Me.  Yeah.

So here was my response to that purposely misleading meme, which includes the ACTUAL quote to which the propagandized quote was referring, and all of the people who responded to it as though it was truth:

NO, HE DIDN’T “SAID IT.” When? In what context? You notice how there’s no actual source on this meme? And you all ACTUALLY believe he said this? ROFLMBO!! #YallSoooooooooooStuuuuuuuuuupidLmbo! What our President, President Obama, ACTUALLY said (and this is the ACTUAL quote, not purposely skewed paraphrased propaganda crap PLACED in quotes):

“Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding. Generations of Muslim immigrants came here and went to work as farmers and merchants and factory workers. Helped to lay railroads and build up America. The first Islamic Center in New York City was founded in the 1890s. America’s first Mosque, this was an interesting fact, was in North Dakota. Muslim-Americans protect our communities as police officers and firefighters and first responders, and protect our nation by serving in uniform and in our intelligence communities and in Homeland Security. And in cemeteries across our country, including at Arlington, Muslim-American heroes rest in peace having given their lives in defense of all of us.  And of course that’s the story extremists and terrorists don’t want the world to know. Muslims succeeding and thriving in America, because when that truth is known, it exposes their propaganda as the lie that it is. It’s also a story that every American must never forget, because it reminds us all that hatred, and bigotry and prejudice have no place in our country.  It’s not just counter-productive.  It doesn’t just aid terrorists.  It’s wrong.  It’s contrary to who we are.”

Oh! Your mind was just blown, huh? Yeah, I know. You’re not used to facts. I get it.

Now I have questions for all of you who LIKED this propaganda meme and SHARED this propaganda meme with absolutely no research or context. Ask yourself:

• Aren’t you un-American for having bigotry against your fellow Americans who are of Muslim descent just because they follow the religion of Islam and not Christianity?
• Do you, as an America, refuse to believe these ACTUAL facts?
• Do you, as an American, dishonor these American heroes because of your unfounded bigotry?
• Or are you simply another one of the idiots who believe any right-wing meme that anyone puts out for literal propaganda purpose with absolutely no research or facts attached to it because they know you’re gullible, racist, and angry enough to believe anything?

Now if facts offend you (which they obviously do to probably 99% of the people on this page Lmbo), then I can’t help you Lol. Now let’s see if you vigorously spread THIS ACTUAL QUOTED TRUTH OF AMERICAN FACTS AND IDEALS BASED ON OUR CONSTITUTION THAT YOU ‘SAY’ YOU LOVE as well as you’ve spread this purposely misleading, lying, propagandized meme 662 times in “shares” Lol.

Why is it so easy for these types of people to believe anything they see?  The answer is obvious.

Through right-wing echo-chamber repeated propaganda, Fox “News” has made facts half-irrelevant in America, all in order to deceive its gullible base for the purpose of its funders’ control of the government and massively-increased profits.

Yes, racism is stupid.  Yes, bigotry is dumb.  However, they are very useful tools when attempting to push someone to a particular hateful place, and no one does that better than Fox “News.”  They fill gullible people up with hate-fueling propaganda, then point them in the direction of their enemies…the enemies of media bias, media control, oligarchy, and over-inflated corporate profits.

In other words, they brilliantly and deceptively get the little people to hate and fight the good people who are actually on their side and trying desperately to stop the greedy people from siphoning the poor people’s money.

It’s not rocket science.

You want to know what the funniest thing about all of this is?

There’s not one got dang thing wrong with hard-working, law-abiding, U.S.A.-loving Muslim-Americans.  And the fact that these people on this page seem to think there is proves one amazingly ironic thing:

It’s them who are actually and truly un-American.




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