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The “Clinton Stockholm Syndrome” Propaganda Cycle Is Now Complete

By Tim Carthon (Blog #37: Education, Politics)

A phenomenon has occurred in the past 6 months that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime:

The morphing of Hillary Clinton supporters into Tea Partiers.

Now I don’t mean morphing into Tea Partiers by being on the wrong side of the issues.  I mean Tea Partiers as far as completely ignoring things that are right in their faces and voting against their best interests based on their feelings, nostalgia even.

Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives have prided themselves on the devouring of information, the computing of it, and the spitting out of rational thought based on it.  Yet somehow, in this Democratic primary election cycle, it seems that all of the logic and reason has gone out the window for the working-class supporters of Hillary Clinton.

They have simply stopped accepting facts.

It’s as though they’re on autopilot, with the destination stuck on “First Woman President.”  Although you give them multiple devastating facts about their candidate, they have been captive by her family’s machine for so long that they have #ClintonStockholmSyndrome.

The perfect example of this was in an exchange that I had with someone on Facebook® the other day.  In the title of a video on my main YouTube® channel that I posted, I asked the question, “Can Bernie Sanders Win the General Election?

Can Bernie Sanders Win the General Election

And a Hillary supporter chimed in.

Here is the amazing autopilot-esk conversation.  It’s take-off time, so buckle your seat belts for safety, because we are now free to move about the mind of a Clinton supporter with evidential Stockholm Syndrome:

Hillary Supporter:

00 New Article 01

Tim Carthon:

So facts don’t matter to you either, huh? Got it.

Hillary Supporter:

…in order for him to win against Trump means he would have to beat Hillary!

Hillary Supporter:

00 New Article 02

Tim Carthon:

1.) That wasn’t the question.
2.) You stand with corruption. And change? PWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Hillary Supporter:

1. Yes he would beat Trump!
2. THE WHOLE WORLD IS CORRUPT! We have to choose our poison wisely and carefully!

Tim Carthon:

No, it’s not. Bernie’s not corrupt and that’s been proven for 50 years. See how you just ignore facts and just go with the corrupt politician? Do you even know WHY you’re voting for her?

Not only that, but you’re choosing the candidate who, in almost every national poll, beats trump by MUCH LESS than Bernie Sanders, or did the Clinton News Network (CNN) not tell you that? Of course they didn’t Lol.

Why do you think Bernie SMASHES Hillary in OPEN PRIMARIES? It’s because EVERYONE can vote (Independents included).

Why do you think they’ve been doing an almost complete blackout of Bernie Sanders on the so-called “news”? Maybe it’s because Time Warner (CNN’s parent company) donated $400,000 to her campaign?

Your logic would make sense IF Bernie Sanders, the most honest politician we’ve seen in decades, wasn’t in the race. Yet, he is, but you’re voting for the person with a terrible voting record, who’s bought by corporations, who changes her position with the political winds, and panders like CRAZY!

Yeah, be sure you remember that when she does the whole “small 5% change” thing, just like our beloved Obama did. Just remember that Lol.

Hillary Supporter:

I’M BASING MY VOTE OFF OF HILLARY’S EXPERIENCE! I’m voting for her because I voted for her when she ran against Obama!😯 She will be the first woman! #HISTORY!

BERNIE SANDERS WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING PASSED THAT HE’S PROMOTING IF HE WAS TO WIN! His views sound real great I will give him that, but I know better!

Tim Carthon:

Watch this Lol:

“I’M BASING MY VOTE OFF OF HILLARY’S EXPERIENCE! I’m voting for her because I voted for her when she ran against Obama!😯 She will be the first woman! #HISTORY!”

Bernie’s been in office from the mayor’s office to the Senate and won MULTIPLE ELECTIONS AND DIFFERENT OFFICES over 40 years and has voted CORRECTLY on virtually ALL of the legislation on which he voted. His JUDGMENT is PROVEN better than hers BY HISTORY.

Hillary has only won ONE OFFICE and has been in an actual office to which she was elected FOR ONLY 8 YEARS and voted WRONG on all the major legislation (NAFTA, CAFTA, Iraq War, Banking Regulations).

See how I just destroyed your argument with actual facts? See, you probably didn’t even know this because you’re voting for her based on what her and her corporate media friends TELL you and not the actual facts.

Tim Carthon:

“BERNIE SANDERS WILL NEVER GET ANYTHING PASSED THAT HE’S PROMOTING IF HE WAS TO WIN! His views sound real great I will give him that, but I know better!”

1.) No, you don’t know better. You actually don’t know AT ALL! Lol.
2.) Do you understand that the Senate is going to be Democratic after this year. Why? Because the Republicans have more seats they have to defend. Didn’t know that, did you?

HOWEVER, the HOUSE more than likely won’t go Democratic if Hillary’s the candidate because voters won’t come out for her, but they’d come out for Bernie, which means he’ll have BOTH HOUSE BACK.  But of course you don’t know that because you’re basing your voting decisions on your “feelings” Lol.

Tim Carthon:


1.) She’s LESS experienced than Bernie. FACT.
2.) Bernie has PROVEN better judgment than her. FACT.
3.) Bernie has won MORE offices than her. FACT.
4.) Bernie is loved WAY better than her. FACT.
5.) Bernie has gotten more things done than her BY FAR in elected office. FACT.
6.) Bernie barely loses to her among Democrats, but SLAYS her among Republicans and Independents. FACT.
7.) She’s BOUGHT by corporations, so her policies have and will be more center-right, just like Obama. FACT.
8.) In almost every national poll, Bernie Sanders beats every candidate BY WAY MORE THAN HER. FACT.

In almost every national poll, he beats every candidate BY WAY MORE THAN HER. FACT.

You see how your arguments hold literally no factual water other than she’d be the first woman President? WHO CARES! I want the RIGHT President, woman OR man. That type of argument is just outright insane Lol.

See how I just destroyed everything you THOUGHT you understood? But guess what? I know facts don’t matter to you because you have #ClintonStockholmSyndrome. No offense to you, I’m just diagnosing you right quick.

It’s AMAZING how Hillary supporters ignore her TERRIBLE record on the Democratic side and ignore her corruption, all because “she’ll be the first woman President” LMBO!

Are you willing to conceded that you are almost 100% factually incorrect in your entire assessment of her and her campaign? (Let’s see if he can be honest with himself…)

Hillary Supporter:


Tim Carthon:

Wait…Did you LITERALLY just say that all of the PROVABLE FACTUAL INFORMATION I just gave you was “all opinions”?? PWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See, THIS is what happens when you don’t actually know for who you’re voting. You LITERALLY just ignored ACTUAL FACTS all because they destroyed the person you’d put on a pedestal who didn’t deserve to be there! LMBO!

And THAT’S why this country is in the predicament it’s in. When people are willing to ignore facts in order to protect their feelings, there’s no hope for this country.

The conversation (if that’s what you want to call it) went on longer, but, as you can see, it was all a moot point.

Just like during the first 7 years of President Obama’s presidency to the Tea Partiers, fact after fact was thrown at this Clinton supporter, but it didn’t make a difference.  They had no factual clue why they were voting for her.  Although she loses in virtually every political, policy, likability, consistency, experience, and votes cast category, none of that mattered.

Why not?

Because Obama’s a Muslim.
I mean, because Hillary will be the first woman President.

Yes, the words of those statements are different, but the meaning behind them are similar: The people thinking about the elections and liking or not like Obama or Hillary were/are both stuck on one thing that was/is irrelevant when it comes to actually governing the country.

And no matter with what facts you present them, they will not course correct.  They will keep it steady as she goes, with autopilot fully engaged, straight toward potential disaster.

2008 Tea Partiers, meet your cousins, the 2016 Clintonites.




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