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The Power and Danger of ‘New Age’ Propaganda

By Tim Carthon (Blog #36: Politics)

In the “profits first, news second” world of corporate “news” media today, it is always funny and sad to see them shape the news in order to fit a pre-cooked narrative.  Unfortunately, their efforts have become much more subtle and therefore harder to spot.  This is done in order to keep credibility while also nudging people in the direction you wish for them to go, but with the least likely chance that they’ll recognize that you’re doing it.

I saw an article entitled Unpopularity Contest: Poll Shows Grim Outlook for 2016 Winner and within it were representations of this new subtle propaganda.   I want you all to see how “news” propaganda works.  Watch this.  This is from an NBC “News” article:

…According to the poll, Clinton leads Trump by 11 points in hypothetical general-election matchup, 50 percent to 39 percent – essentially unchanged from a month ago.  But Clinton is ahead of Cruz by just two points, 46 percent to 44 percent, which again is unchanged from March.  Yet Bernie Sanders – whose positive rating outweighs his negative score in the poll – bests Cruz by 12 points, 52 percent to 40 percent.  And John Kasich, who trails Trump and Cruz in the GOP delegate race but holds the highest positive-negative score in the poll, beats Clinton by 12 points, 51 percent to 39 percent…

Did you notice something missing? Let me trim it down for you:

• Clinton: 50% – Trump: 39% (Clinton +11)
• Clinton: 46% – Cruz: 44% (Clinton +2)
• Bernie Sanders: 52% – Cruz: 40% (Sanders +12)
• John Kasich 51% – Clinton 39% (Kasich +12)

Notice how the biggest leads they have in  those listed head-to-head poll numbers are 11% and 12%?  Pretty even, right?  Now look at what’s missing:

• Sanders: 54.7% – Trump: 37.2%
• Sanders: 46.8% – Kasich: 42%

Now let’s look at all of Sanders’ and Clinton’s numbers again, but together and in the exact same format:

• Sanders: 54.7% – Trump: 37.2% (Bernie +17.5)
• Sanders: 51% – Cruz: 39% (Bernie +12)
• Sanders: 46.8% – Kasich: 42% (Bernie +4.8)

• Clinton: 50% – Trump: 39% (Clinton +11)
• Clinton: 46% – Cruz: 44% (Clinton +2)
• Clinton 39% – John Kasich 51% (Clinton -12)

Now do you understand why those numbers were ‘missing’ in the NBC ‘News’ article?

It’s because the average amount Sanders beats every Republican by is an over 11-point average over Clinton.

• Bernie Sanders: +11.4% average
• Clinton: .33% average (Yes, that’s POINT three-three percent)

They obviously don’t want you to see that, which the only reason that a ‘news’ outlet would leave something so important out.  Understand that they’ve been doing very subtle things like this all across the country throughout the mainstream media.

Look what they did last night with Bernie Sanders and his Indiana primary 5-point win.

After Sanders won the Indiana Democratic primary, I googled “Bernie wins Indiana by” to see the final percentage differential, and look how the media framed post-win Sanders articles on all of their websites:

• “…Surprise Upset…”
• “…barely eked out a win…” (He won by 5 points after being down by 16…but that’s “barely”)
• “…Buys Himself Another Month…”
• “…wins Indiana, but doesn’t get landslide he needed…”
• “…pulls off shock victory…”
• “…threw a last-minute hurdle in front of Hillary…”
• “…Sanders is now a third wheel…”
• “…Sanders wins Indiana as Hillary Clinton Nears Nomination…”
• Even the Wall Street Journal’s article title was: “Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana Primary, Still Faces Uphill Delegate Battle”. In the article it said, “Bernie Sanders won Indiana’s primary, giving his flagging campaign ammunition to press…”

Notice how everything they said is dismissive of Sen. Sanders, but done with subtle wording?

• Barely
• Wins ‘but’
• Last-minute hurdle
• Third wheel
• His flagging campaign
• Hillary nears nomination

So, Bernie Sanders wins, but they keep pushing the “inevitable Hillary” narrative through ever-so-slight propaganda.  That’s purposeful and why in large part she’s even up in delegates.

The media, pundits, and politicians have been framing the political conversation this way since the beginning, not to mention giving Bernie Sanders virtually NO positive media coverage, and that’s when they give him ANY coverage at all.  That has shaped the minds of voters consistently for months.  Now ask yourself:


It’s simple, really.

HOW new age propaganda works.

In the past, propaganda was more direct and overt and either overly-patriotic or completely fear-based.  Now, propaganda in actual news-based outlets is hypnosis-based; the repetition of very subtle suggestion rather than a repetition of blatancy.  This is what they’re doing and using when it comes to Bernie Sanders and his Democratic opponent.

‘Nudging’ propaganda.

His Democratic opponent is using both her corporate and political contacts to send trigger words to the masses on all fronts; social media (Facebook®, Twitter®, etc.), alternative media (Daily Beast, NY Daily “News”), old media (The Washington Post, CNN®, Fox “News”).  They’re covering all angles so that you always get a small dose of propaganda.

Think of each dose of propaganda like collecting a penny.  If you get enough pennies you’ll eventually have a dollar.  Unfortunately for those on the receiving end, a dollar’s worth of highly targeted propaganda buys you a lot more than what people know, at least the people who are not part of the new age propaganda nudging system.

Those who are a part know specifically that repetition breeds remembrance.  They know that, if they keep subtly repeating that Bernie Sanders’ opponent is pretty much already the candidate through carefully crafted wording, you won’t notice that they’re the ones who actually propped her up.

They expect you to just think that everyone else feels that way and that’s why they’re saying what they’re saying, when in essence their repetition is swaying the minds of the masses little-by-little over time.  This has undoubtedly helped Sanders’ opponent get votes and him lose votes.

WHY is the mainstream media doing this new age propaganda?

Simple.  Money and control, but not in that order.

You see, the blatant ‘in your face’ propaganda of old does not work on the masses anymore.  Small segments of the population are susceptible to that obvious bias, but if new organizations want to move hearts and minds, or at least just minds, then they have to look as though they’re not trying to do so.

People don’t like being forced to do things.  The quickest way you can get people to push back against you is for them to see that you’re trying to force them in a particular direction.  With new age propaganda, the force is strong with the corporate media, but it’s strong because it’s a silent nudger; pushing individuals through subtle, unnoticed suggestion instead of brute verbal force.

WHERE are they pushing you with the new age propaganda?

They’re pushing you right back into the very political cesspool in which you’ve been for the past almost four (4) decades; the place that has you voting for one of the two (2) candidates they push onto you instead of one you and the rest of the American people pick on their own.  And, unfortunately, both of those candidates will keep you, the worker, at the lowest point of wages ratio-wise to company CEOs owners in American history.

What, you thought they were doing all of this propaganda for fun?

Almost everything the corporate establishment media does is part of an economic agenda that ends with them making more profit and you either barely staying afloat or financially drowning.  To them it’s all about the consumer’s money, not the consumer, and they will tell you anything you need to hear in order to get you to freely give it to them, if even so subtly through your subconscious.

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. warned:

Beware the “tranquilizing drug of gradualism“.




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