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4 Ways and 2 Reasons Why the Establishment Media Purposely Smears Bernie Sanders

By Tim Carthon (Blog #32: Politics)

Bernie Sanders has been a civil rights activist since the last 1950’s and has been in mainstream politics since 1981 when he became the mayor of Burlington, the biggest city in Virginia (U.S.A.).  He later became a member of the United States Congress via the U.S. House of Representatives and is now a U.S. Senator poised for possibly the biggest upset in U.S. political history:

The defeat of Hillary Clinton for President.

However, Hillary Clinton, her political surrogates (who are vying for a job in her administration by trying to stay on the good end of her political ‘Hit List’), and the corporate media that funds her…excuse me…’who’ funds her (seeing as the Supreme Court of the United States has deemed corporations ‘humans’) are doing everything in their legal and immoral power to stop him…and I do mean everything.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  Maybe this explains it:

Hillary's Hit List
From his record to fear by association, check out these four (4) things that her and her establishment “friends” have been doing in an attempt to smear Bernie Sanders at virtually every turn and the two (2) reasons why:

1.) Skew His Record

One of the funniest things Bernie Sanders’ well-funded opponent and his job-angling detractors are trying to do is smear him using his record.  Unfortunately for them, his record is virtually flawless on all of the key issues; Civil/Human Rights, Women’s Issues, Income and Wealth Inequality, and Foreign Policy, so that didn’t stick.

2.) Use “Socialism” to Demonize Democratic Socialism

They then try to smear him using “Socialism” as dirt and throwing it onto him, but it didn’t stick because America is already a quazi-socialist country (military, museums, national parks, police, fire fighters, teachers, etc.) and Bernie explained that he is a “Democratic Socialist,” which is very different than Socialism alone.

3.) Guns

Since he’s not beholden to any corporation or the establishment, his Democratic opponent, who is getting hammered constantly for the hundreds of millions her and her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, have received from corporations for speaking engagements since 2000, tried to say that he was soft on guns.

She used a gun safety bill which Senator Sanders voted for to try and tie him to the NRA; a controversial group which is the firewall between the citizens and the manufacturers of the weapons the citizens use, some of which to kill people in cold blood.  However, this tactic didn’t stick either because: 

A.) The bill they tried to use was voted for by Bernie Sanders because people were trying to hold store owners (who’d done a 100% legal gun sale) accountable for the deaths of people from the use of the gun that was legally sold at their store.

Senator Bernie Sanders disagrees with that being Ok, and I agree with him.

B.) Bernie Sanders has a D- rating from the NRA.  How can the NRA be for you, but also hate you?

They can’t, which means that he’s for stronger gun safety laws, and I am as well.

4.) Fear By Association

When none of that stuck, they AMENDED their strategy to preying on the ‘English language ignorance’ of American citizens.  They started tying Bernie Sanders to communists, Marxists, and fascists on all of their networks (Remember: 90% of the so-called news networks are now only owned by only 6 companies), with all of the establishment surrogates, and in all of the debates and town halls, all in hopes that voters won’t know the difference between communist, Marxist, fascist, and Democratic Socialist.

They know that it won’t “fully” work, but it might scare voters “enough” for Sanders to lose enough votes for their candidate to win.  This is what the right-wing attempted to do to now President Obama back in 2007-2008 with the Pastor Jeremiah Wright ‘controversy.’

00049 - 4 Ways Hillary Clinton and the Media Smear Bernie Sanders

Why Are They Spewing These Falsehoods?

If you’ve been paying any attention to the political and economic systems from this past 35 years, you will understand that this is all happening for two specific reasons:

Money and control.


Half of the smearing is because of the money the rich, corporate donors are making through unfair and excessive wealth extraction from the middle-class, which Bernie Sanders is trying vigorously to stop.  In the revolutionary movie The Matrix, humans were harvested like crops and used as batteries to fuel machines.  So the humans found a champion who they felt was “The One” and sent him to save the human race from those machines (Some argue, and a strong argument it is, that Agent Smith is ‘The One,’ but I’m fanboying right now).

Ironically, in the post-President Carter real world, humans are now used as cash spigots for the massive corporate capitalism machine.  The people have chosen their causes’ champion to save the true American way, and it is Bernie Sanders.  He’s “The One.”  Unfortunately, the massive corporate capitalism machine is attacking him vigorously because it does not want to lose the cash spigots…the American people.


The other half of the smearing is because of the control that can be seized from the working-class masses through propaganda and fear, which Bernie Sanders is also trying vigorously to stop.

How many times have you heard, “I saw it on the news“?  And why did the person say that?  It’s because we’ve been conditioned to believe the word “news” as fact, hence why Fox’s propaganda arm named their channel “Fox “News.”  It gives you a false sense of security that what you’re seeing or hearing on that channel is the truth.  Why?  Because you “…saw it on the news.

If the massive corporate capitalism machine can control what you repeatedly see and hear, then they can get you to defend their talking points even if those talking points are propping up policies that actually hurt you and feed their obscene profits.

As I always say: Repetition breeds remembrance.

Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders’ Democratic colleague and opponent Hillary Clinton is the machine’s “The One,” and, in this world, the Clinton Machine is The Source.  I wonder: Does Bernie Sanders think on a daily basis, “With friends like Dems, who needs machines?



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