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My Final Open Letter to Deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

By Tim Carthon (Blog #30: Politics, Race Relations)

“Dear Justice Scalia,

CONFESSION: I have been thinking about how to write an article about you, but have found myself torn.  And yes, it is probably for the reasons you would think.  We, in this country, are generally taught that one should not speak ill of the dead nor revel in their life being extinguished.  Yet, I find myself more gleeful than in mourning, and I feel bad about that.

I feel bad because the happiness that I feel should not be stemming from the death of another human being.  Yet, I then wonder if the happiness is really coming from that or from knowing that you can no longer do any damage to the United States, its citizens, and the world by chain-reaction of SCOTUS events (Bush v. Gore anyone)?

Could the two (2) be synonymous?

Even in disagreement, no one can deny your intelligence, nor could they your wit.  You wrote some of the most memorable lines in SCOTUS history, many of which I wouldn’t dare ever wish to have my name associated.  However, they can also not deny the damage that you and your four (4) ‘Conservative’ colleagues have done to this country, the world, and the credibility of an increasingly and now obviously-activist Supreme Court through corporate-friendly, personal bias-based rulings.

Your Affirmative Action and Citizens United arguments, for instance, are two (2) of the most unbelievably Constitutionally-tone-deaf and democracy-destroying arguments that stand out.  Even Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said about your Affirmative Action comments:

It is deeply disturbing to hear a Supreme Court justice endorse racist ideas from the bench of the nation’s highest court.  The only difference between the ideas endorsed by Donald Trump and Scalia is that Scalia has a robe and a lifetime appointment.’

There are also so many examples of your blatant Constitutional hypocrisy to where I felt that only video would do you, a Justice, justice in showing your true legacy.  So I’ll let the Young Turks® and the people’s court try your record in the Court of Public Facts.  With that being said:

The case of Scalia’s Principles v. We, The People’s Constitution is now in session.  The People’s Chief Justice Cenk Uygur presiding:

Justice Antonin Scalia's TRUE LEGACY

As a Christian, I feel bad for the elatedness I feel for your SCOTUS seat opening up because these types of thoughts and feelings are not supposed to be or even remain in my head, but it just won’t leave.  I keep thinking that one of the best things to happen to the American people in the past seven (7) years is your passing.

Gosh, that sounds so harsh.

I am so, so sorry.  I’m not trying to be harsh.  I’m really not.  I just find myself often throughout the day ironically being about to thank God for this happening, but then catch myself and just shake my head.  God is not pleased with my thoughts.  This, I know.  How can I find even the slightest joy in a wife losing her husband?  How can I find even the slightest comfort in nine (9) children losing their father?  Am I some sort of monster?  What is wrong with me?  Is there something wrong with me?

I ask God to forgive me, but then I think about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families who lost their husbands.  I think of the tens of thousands of killed and injured American Iraq War veterans.  I think about their families who will never be the same because you and your colleagues handed the election over to the man who took us to an unnecessary war and virtually bankrupted this good, but once great, nation.

And, unfortunately, you did it not because the Constitution said for you to do so, but because your ideology, through hypocrisy, said so.  Then I ask myself, do I need to be forgiven for those warranted thoughts?

I am torn between my spirituality and my humanity.  Your family, friends, and corporations will mourn your death.  Yet, I fear that the American people have been so disenfranchised, so hurt, so pained by your and your colleagues’ decisions that the tears that the American people are currently shedding are only of joy.

My apologies for the harshness of my feelings, but I wanted to be honest with you…both things I’ve seen in your writings, even if honesty in you purposely showing your hypocrisy through your harshness toward the American people in your rulings…and, out of at least sheer respect for the position you legally held, ironically, that is the least I can do.

With that being said, We, The People, are ready to rule on your life as a Supreme Court Justice:

WE, THE PEOPLE’S, FINDINGS: Justice Antonin Scalia, We, The People, find that almost everything you did as a member of the esteemed Supreme Court of the United States of America was about your personal beliefs, not Constitutional consistency.  We find that you even went against what you wrote in your own book, but with no history of subtle shifts in your understanding of the supposed incorrectness of your previous positions in order to justify such a shift.  We find that it was because you, having a lifetime appointment, didn’t need to care about hypocrisy because the chances of that hypocrisy causing you to lose your seat was non-existent.  And, unfortunately, we find that you exploited that to the detriment of the very people who you were, for a lifetime, charged to serve.

WE, THE PEOPLE’S, RULING: We, The People, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America, OUR Constitution, rule that your judicial writings, especially your dissents, were purely political, not principled; that virtually everything you did was about your religious-and-corporate-based belief systems and not about what was actually Constitutionally consistent.  Therefore, be it known that We, The People, deem you, in finality, a judicial hypocrite.  So determine and submit We, The People, accordingly and respectfully.

R.I.P., Justice Scalia, if that is even possible.


Tim Carthon.”

God forgive me.



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