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Fiverr® and GBS Bureau Member Reach Extended ‘Inner-City Education’ Deal

CLEVELAND, OH – January 25, 2016 – Announced today, National Greek All-Star™ Awards™ Executive Director and Great Black Speakers Bureau member Tim Carthon and Fiverr® International, an online marketplace that offers creative and professional services starting at $5, have reached a short-term multi-city, multi-workshop sponsorship deal.

Over the next three (3) months, Fiverr® will be the Title Sponsor for six (6) of Carthon’s exclusive SBI Workshops™; a business infrastructure workshop specifically and uniquely designed to swiftly help aspiring inner-city entrepreneurs streamline the creation and building of their businesses.

Right now, the job market is very frustrating out there for so many people, so I’m pleased that Fiverr® has taken a vested, extended interest in inner-city communities through my Startup Business Infrastructure Workshop,” said Tim Carthon, GASA Executive Director and founder of the SBI Workshop™,  “This gives residents an opportunity to take control of their career destinies through not just building businesses from within their inner-city ranks, but doing so in the most convenient, most cost-effective manner.  Hey, who doesn’t have $5.00 to invest in completely and positively changing their future, right?

The $5.00 refers to the current sponsored cost to attend three (3) of Carthon’s previous four (4) Fiverr®-sponsored SBI Workshops™; an ode to his sponsor Fiverr’s starting cost of services at Fiverr.com, where virtually all of their 3M+ services start at just $5.00.

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He also recently created a public school version of his exclusive workshop called Tim Carthon’s SBI Workshop™ for Students, which is to be primarily funded by the school district or the individual schools at which he speaks until sponsorship can be secured.

As far as the new, six-part extended education sponsorship deal with Carthon and Fiverr®, Carthon calls it his “C.O.E.T.” (Carthon Ohio Education Takeover), which he says will help him begin the indirect restructuring of the Ohio education system.

The first of Tim Carthon’s next six (6) SBI Workshops™ is being presented by Columbus-based event partner BLACK CENTRAL™ and is scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2016, from 9am-4pm EST at the H.U.B. Community Development Corporation on 1336 E. Main Street in Columbus, OH (43205).

When we build a bridge to one another and dedicate our lives to the uplift(ing) of our people, then the dye is set for us to have and maintain true economic freedom,” says Asad Z. Shabazz, President and Founder of the H.U.B. Community Development Corporation.

The remaining five (5) events are tentatively scheduled to be held in Akron, Dayton, Cincinnati, Springfield, and Canton.  You can see up-to-date event information, enter his next $100 event giveaway contest, book Tim Carthon to speak at your next event, and register for his upcoming Columbus SBI Workshop™ now at SBIWorkshop.com.

About Fiverr® International

Launched in 2010, by founders Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman, Fiverr® International is an online marketplace that offers creative and professional services starting at $5.  It is ranked among the top 150 most popular sites in the United States and top 500 in the world.


Founded in 2012, BLACK CENTRAL™ is a movement dedicated to the empowerment of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations in Black communities throughout the U.S. and the African Diaspora.  Using technology, they endeavor to cover a variety of topics that pertain to people of African descent. BLACK CENTRAL™ encourages a critical thinking perspective, fills the void left by mainstream media outlets, and recognizes that there are many working diligently and achieving great things in the community.  Their ultimate goal is to galvanize those efforts and create a unified force to effect change through collective action.

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About Tim Carthon

Tim Carthon is an at-risk youth advocate, keynote speaker/teacher, author, and educator.  He is the creator of the SBI Workshop™, a comprehensive hands-on workshop which aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses with a solid infrastructure right there within the workshop.  Carthon is also the founder and executive director of the National Greek All-Star™ Awards™, an organization that is focused on becoming the national standard for awarding the highest levels of academic, community service, performance prowess, and career excellence and achievement within the realm of Greek fraternities and sororities and which works with several educational institutions to help at-risk youth develop a love and appreciation for education and the performing arts.

Tim Carthon, GASA Founder

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