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“Leonardo DiCaprio Wins His 1st Oscar®”: Future Words Born from ‘The Revenant’

By Tim Carthon (Blog #27: Entertainment)

I saw The Revenant this week.  Allow me to break this down for you directly and swiftly:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of probably the ‘Top 10 Best Actors’ to ever live, and I do NOT say that lightly.  Maybe you all didn’t hear me…
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of probably the ‘Top 10 Best Actors’ to EVER live.
  3. Initially, I thought he’d win an Oscar® for this role, until I saw the Danish Girl previews, then I thought to myself: “Nope.  Leo’s gonna lose another one.  They usually give it to someone who they feel steps completely outside of what they consider to be their ‘comfort zone’ and with whom they severely empathize as that character. A transgender woman?  Yeah, they’ll probably screw Leo AGAIN this year.”
  4. I told that to my good man Jamole Callahan, a fantastic child welfare/foster care youth advocate and motivational speaker, after he said that Leo might win what I call his ‘Eleanor‘ this year; a fitting name, seeing as though Leo has done everything else to win an Oscar® except steal it.
  5. I am super busy, but Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor and I’d been thinking about Jamole and my conversation, so I decided to watch The Revenant.

I now believe this is Leo’s year…finally.

In The Revenant:

  • The hardships he endured were on a legendary scale.  The breath of skill that it took to do an acting job of this magnitude, and it be a great performance, very few have.
  • The directing of this movie — the awe-inspiring, ‘Ong Bak, the warrior‘-style one-shot filming sequences — intensified almost every scene.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance was mind-bogglingly powerful and virtually flawless.
  • I was mesmerized the entire movie, as I watched a periodic above-Cast Awaylevel solo performance.
  • Leo’s character was someone you were rooting for, not someone who you hated that you loved, or at least wanted to be like.

That last bullet point above is the one that I believe has kept our beloved Leo from being awarded an Oscar® in the past.  His characters were just too darn likable and envied.

With the character he played in this frontier-style, monster-of-an-epic, I can’t even begin to explain to you the depths of pain, hardship, and pure, unadulterated perseverance that Leonardo DiCaprio’s stunning, powerful, absolutely towering performance portrayed.  It is just a movie that you HAVE to see if you want to see one of the greatest actors to ever live at the pinnacle of their craft.

Leonardo DiCaprio 005 (The Revenant)
Leonardo DiCaprio 006 (The Revenant)
Leonardo DiCaprio 007 (The Revenant)Leonardo DiCaprio 008 (The Revenant)
Leonardo DiCaprio 006 (The Revenant)Leonardo DiCaprio 007 (The Revenant)Leonardo DiCaprio 008 (The Revenant)Leonardo DiCaprio 005 (The Revenant)

Scraping, clawing, crawling, and ultimately willing himself to rise from the dreaded ashes, ironically the movie that will probably and finally give death to the taunts and life to his home’s currently 6-feet-under Academy Awards® shelf is named after and about an individual who returns from the dead.

Long Live Leo.



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