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Racial Injustice Protests Win. University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Resigns

By Tim Carthon (Blog #25: Race Relations)

The Students spoke, and the University listened.  University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has now resigned.

This resignation comes after several racially-charged incidents occurred at the university.  Just recently in September, the president of the MSA spoke on his Facebook page about how he was called racial slurs while all he was doing was walking across campus.

I really just want to know why my simple existence is such a threat to society,” said Peyton Head, president of the Missouri Students Association and member of Alpha Phi Alpha® Fraternity, Inc., the first historically black collegiate social Greek-letter organization.

Well Mr. Head, the state of Missouri has a well known history of racism, so your simple existence being such a threat has a very simple answer.

Bred racism.

This history was seemingly solidified by what occurred at the beginning of the following month when Legion of Black Collegians members were called the N-word while rehearsing for the school’s yearly homecoming festivities.

Think that was bad?

Almost three (3) weeks later, a swastika, the symbol best known for its symbolism of the hate and genocide of over 6M Jews carried out by the German Nazi Party under the direction of Adolph Hitler; arguably one of the most hated men in earth’s history, was drawn with human feces at a university residence hall.

That was the last straw for Student Jonathan Butler, a member of the historically black Greek-letter organization Phi Beta Sigma® Fraternity, Inc., and prompted him to declare a hunger strike until Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned for what he felt was the the lack of an appropriate response by the university.  A meeting with Butler and some Missouri football team members pushed the envelope even farther when they decided to join in Butler’s solidarity and declared that they would not play another game until the university President vacated his position.  

Pressure mounted on Mr. Wolfe, as time passed and the story grew on social media and eventually reached the mainstream media.  Today, that pressure finally became too heavy for the university president to push to the side any longer.

Here’s the ESPN video of outgoing Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s resignation speech.

Needless to say, today, for those who haven’t noticed, minorities nationwide are no longer sitting or laying down and taking racism, and the resignation of this university President is a large piece of positive symbolism of that.

Today, Butler’s hunger strike ended and Missouri football resumed.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Missouri football or a man willing to endure pain for his principles.  Your ancestors are proud of you, Mr. Butler, at least I strongly believe so.

You can see more about this story by following the hashtags  and #Mizzou.


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