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Bankers to Americans: “Learn Your A.), B.), C.)s”

By Tim Carthon (Blog #8: Finance, with a Political Twist)

Financial glory…then, massive financial devastation (for most)…

Almost 5 years later…


They’re calling it a recovery…

Still softness.

Self-inflicted Debt Ceiling wounds…

Increased softness.  Then…



Softness on steroids.

Don’t get me wrong. I think sequestration will be great for US in the long run, but the question is:

With all this softness, when are we going to finally ‘go hard’?

When are we going to put the pedal to the metal and run right through everything (and everyone) that is obstructing US and keeping US from reaching our maximum potential?  Oh, that’s right, “We, the People…” let the obstructionists control the vehicle.  So, since they’re controlling the vehicle, what, in the world, would make them choose to put the pedal to the metal and run through themselves, effectively running themselves over? Nothing…absolutely nothing.

It’s good to be in C.)ontrol.

When 90+% of the A.)merican people repeatedly say “We want background checks to minimize gun purchases by felons or violent offenders,” and the so-called “representative government” says “No,” that tells you something very simple:

It’s good to be in C.)ontrol.

So let’s talk to those who are in control, shall we?  Oh, don’t think that you will actually get a true response from them.  However, you will get a true response when you talk to their history because they started controlling the vehicle not recently, but almost thirty years ago.  Remember what your Daddy always taught you:

It’s not what you say, but what you do that counts.

Let’s go back…way back.

On Thursday, March 28, 1985, then President Ronald Reagan said, ironically on the Wall Street Exchange floor, “We’re going to turn the bull loose,” essentially launching the infamous “Reaganomics,” all while standing next to Don Regan.  Remember him?  He was President Reagan’s White House Chief of Staff then, but Secretary of the US Treasury before that, and CEO of Meryl Lynch, a financial Brokerage Firm which Logo just so happened to be a bull, before that.

Yes, a B.)ull.  Seriously?

But Regan’s rise through the ranks and President Reagan’s tax cuts that began a 3-decade negative shift in income and class disparity were just C.)oincidences though, right?

Fast-forward almost 30 years…

The middle class has virtually been wiped from the face of US.  Why?  Simple.  Using President Reagan’s supply-side Reagonimics, B.)ankers made record amounts of monies while gambling with the American people’s money; gambling which cost the middle class and the rest of the American people almost $4T in wealth.

So, what did we do to try and fix what the B.)ankers broke?  We called in someone to help us:

Enter Tim Geithner, ‘the Savior of the people!’

No, I’m just kidding.  The people weren’t Geithner’s clients, so saving them was irrelevant.  Geither was previously head of the New York Fed, was extremely cozy with Goldman Sachs (you know, the place that was indicted for fraudulent misconduct in sub-prime lending to A.]mericans and whose former administrators were indicted for securities fraud and insider training?), and then became US Treasury Secretary.


And on what did he decide to focus once he got to the Treasury?  Getting more money to the banks in order to make them “stable.”  TRANSLATION: Make sure that, like President Reagan, he could once again “…turn the bull loose,” the same bull that trampled the lives of middle class Americans over an almost 30 year span.  In other words, Reaganomics on steroids.

It’s good to be in C.)ontrol.

So, in essence, the A.)merican people got financially ravaged by B.)ankers, and the so-called key to fixing the problem was to bring in Tim Geithner, a financial industry lackey clothed in a public service cloak, who magically aided Henry Paulson in “figuring out” that the solution to the country’s financial problems (caused by the B.)ankers using Reaganomics to steal almost $4T in A.)merican wealth), was to take another $700B from the A.)merican people and give it to the B.)ankers who already stole $4T from them?

C.) How’d that make sense?

Tim Geithner: The new age Don Regan.  Was head of the New York Fed (Yeah.  Fed the financial industry), then rose to Secretary of the Treasury?  Watch your back, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.  Giethner is probably eyeing your spot.

A.)merica: The greatness of softness. Great for some. Soft for most.  Almost thirty years…and counting…


Tim Carthon, GASA Founder

Tim Carthon

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Advocate, Speaker, Author, Educator.