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The MEPs and the LEPs: The Story of Lost Focus, Part 1 of 2

By Tim Carthon (Blog #5: Finance)

This is what can easily happen if you lose focus on your financial education and success goals:

A long, long time ago in a far, far away land, there lived two groups of people.  One group was called the “MEPs” and the second group was called the “LEPs”.  Now the MEPs were living the “Good Life” and having a lot of fun at the expense of the LEPs.  One of the main reasons why they were able to do that was because of the one edge that they had: better education. 

After many years, a few of the LEPs started to wonder why they could not live the life of the MEPs.  Soon, they realized that the reason for their life was partly due to lack of education, so they began to try to learn more by reading.  Unfortunately, the MEPs realized the LEPs’ devious reading plan and tried to put a stop to it, but the LEPs succeeded.  The MEPs were angry, very angry:

How did we let this happen?” they said, “Well, a little reading can’t hurt, right?

Oh contraire. 

The LEPs reading helped them to learn that they could get an even higher education, so they decided to try and go to grade school, something that was said to be off limits before.  The MEPs fought hard to stop this new education-attaining assault, but the LEPs new found ‘book sense’ overpowered them.  They soon gained the right to attend grade school, proving the old saying ‘give a stallion an inch and he’ll take a mile.’ 

One day, the LEPs were walking down the street and they passed a building that read ‘Junior High School.’

Junior High School?” the LEPs thought, “We only get to go to grade school.  If the MEPs can go to Junior High School, then why can’t we?

Soon after, the LEPs vigorously petitioned to be allowed to go to Junior High School, and were eventually granted access.  The MEPs were furious,

“Will these LEPs ever stop trying to get what we have?”

Evidently not.

While they were going to Junior High School, the LEPs inadvertently saw some brochures about getting a ‘High School Diploma.’  They read up on it and found out that the end of the ‘high school education program’ was only four grades away:

Are you telling me that we are this close to completing the high education system and they didn’t even tell us?” the LEPs said.

They went to the board of education and fought for the right to finish the full high school program.  The MEPs fought them with tenacity and grit, as if their lives depended on the failure of the LEPs.  The LEPs took many, many casualties in this battle, but, in the end, the LEPs triumphed…barely. 

The MEPs figured that, since most of the LEPs wouldn’t make it through grade school or junior high school anyway, they could really pump up what a high school diploma was.  They could make it seem as though the small amount of LEPs that reached that ‘epitome of education’ would be the icons of the LEP group, so the MEPs allowed them to go to high school.  The MEPs thought that the LEPs may (but probably would not) be smart enough to make it to the end of the high school program, but they were wrong.  The LEPs studied hard, being harassed the whole way, but, in the end, they graduated.  The LEPs celebrated!  It was a glorious moment in the history of the less educated people.  They had finally reached a stage where no LEP had reached before.  They had closed the education gap between the LEPs and the MEPs.  The LEP people rejoiced and were ready to move into the MEPs work force. 

Over the years, the LEPs worked very hard in the same work force as the MEPs and MEP owners, and were pretty happy.  One day, the LEP workers saw one of the MEP owners talking to another MEP worker in his office.  At the end of the meeting, the owner and the worker stood up and shook hands.  The owner said to the gentleman:

You can start first thing in the morning.” 

The next morning, there was a meeting called.  At the meeting, the owner introduced the new Manager of the facility.  It was the MEP person that was in the owner’s office the day before.

How did he become a manager?” the LEPs thought.

During the course of his management, the LEPs tried to figure out how the MEP that worked with them just became their boss, and one day they finally figured it out.  All of them, including the MEP worker, had high school diplomas, but the MEP worker also had a college degree.  They soon realized that most of the MEPs had college degrees.  That night the LEPs had a meeting and discussed the new found information regarding the even higher education that allowed the MEPs to move further in their careers than the LEPs.  This started a movement to further the LEPs education into the realm of colleges.  For the MEPs, this was the final straw.  Fed up, they…

(To be continued…)


Tim Carthon, GASA Founder

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